Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm archipelago - the most unique and spectacular natural attraction with more than 24,000 islands, islets and rocks of which are populated only about a thousand. Stretching along the coast of Sweden, the archipelago consists of thousands of small deserted islands, rocky cliffs and large wooded islands, which present a beautiful landscape. You can go sailing between islands, explore the islands of the archipelago and admire the beauty that opens from the water - and it will be unforgettable!

In summer the archipelago turns into a paradise for sailors and other water tourists. Not far away from the center of Stockholm, you will find yourself in one of the harbors, from there on a yacht under sail you can go further into the fascinating world of the islands. In the archipelago, which stretches from north to south for over one hundred miles, there is an extensive range of options for water activities - fishing, swimming, kayaking, RIB boats and scooters, and water safari.